Hänsel Group

Location: Hannover, Germany

Sectors: Mechanical engineering

Key industries: Confectionery industry

Acquisition year: 2018

Hänsel Gruppe

In June 2018 the PMB has acquired a majority interest in the mid-sized Hänsel Group GmbH based in Hanover. Together with its subsidiary Hänsel Processing GmbH, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plants and systems for the confectionery industry. In addition to the holding company, the Hänsel Group incorporates the operating companies Hänsel Processing GmbH, Candy Recycling GmbH and Hebold Systems GmbH.

The range of products manufactured worldwide with the help of Hänsel Processing plants and systems is extremely versatile and includes hard candies, jelly and fudge, toffees, chewy candies, caramels and cereal bars as well as medicated candies and food supplements Hänsel Processing posseses outstanding technology and process competencies. In the company’s Hanover-based in-house technology centre, the so-called CandyLab, the business’ experts combine new recipes with innovative technological processes, always in close cooperation with clients to ensure that their ideas for new products can be implemented in industrial production. “Hänsel Processing’s services extend far beyond being a mere machine and plant manufacturer. We are, in fact, a process-, system- and development partner for our clients. Developing customer-specific solutions is the key driver for our company’s success”, says Frank Temme.

All of the Hänsel companies have secured outstanding market positions in global growth markets. It is our aim to grasp these development opportunities together with our two coshareholders in the future. We believe that the Hänsel Group can form yet another independent division within the Possehl Group in a few years time“, outlines Mario Schreiber, Member of Possehl’s Executive Board. Last year, applying the buy-and-build strategy, Possehl already succeeded in founding its ninth division Identification Solutions. By acquiring a majority interest in the Hänsel Group, Possehl is taking advantage of a particularly promising acquisition opportunity.

The two co-shareholders and managing directors Frank Temme and Heiko Kühn also regard the union with Possehl as an ideal solution. They will continue to run the business activities of the Hänsel Group after completion of the majority acquisition by Possehl.

“Possehl’s long-term business concept focussing on mid-sized companies played a key role in taking the decision for Possehl as a majority shareholder. Both our company’s stable and sustainable development as well as securing our employee’s jobs in the long term is something very close to our hearts. We look forward to continuing and developing our business further in cooperation with Possehl”Heiko Kühn, co-shareholder-managing director Hänsel Group


Hänsel Processing GmbH
Lister Damm 19
GER-30163 Hannover
Phone: +49 (0) 511 62 67 0